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About Us

Established July of 2012, Goshen serves and maintains over 300 properties across the Wichita area. We pride ourselves in offering homes that stand out in their markets, in terms of quality and consistency. We have a history of serving tenants with excellence and we hope to continue to build a trusted name in Wichita for many years to come.

Our Values

At Goshen Property Management, we strive to serve our tenants with attentiveness and care. That starts with the renovation of our properties and carries through with regular maintenance and continued eagerness to meet the needs of our tenants. We’re first and foremost interested in building long-term trusted relationships, through excellent service and consistent availability.

We recognize the frustrations of having to wait for repairs on your home, which is why we employ a full-time maintenance team that spends their entire week answering the needs of tenants all over town.

Goshen is a full-service property management company. That means that we are involved with your home from the very beginning, through the renovation and repair. We furthermore find great satisfaction in helping people to find the perfect Goshen rental to fit their needs and then in continuing to serve them as tenants.